This is a legacy webpage (originally from 2005) celebrating my career as a costume designer for theatre, dance, and film, from 1989-2009. I'm keeping my portfolio online - there are some proud memories there.

I have continued to work as a technical costumer at Vassar College, while also managing the college's collection of historic clothing, but I "retired" from costume design in 2009. At that time, I began actively pursuing a new passion: work with digital collections of cultural heritage materials, from libraries, archives, and museums.

In 2012 I began my second Masters program, complementing my MFA with an MLIS at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies.

My current work is highlighted at - please visit and find out more!

I do still occasionally sell some of my novelty designs, for old times' sake, on Etsy, especially around the winter holidays, so look for my shop - ardeninred


"Hearts with Pins" from Arden's "Heart Bodice,"









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